Seeing as how the 'official' website is currently down for maintenance and a necessary server change, I thought this would be a good opportunity to drop in and make a couple updates here at the brand new 'VV'.

First off, in the past few days I've been spending a little more time at my LiveJournal account, and began what I think might be an interesting experiment entitled: 'Bibliomancy!'. Ya might check it out when you get a chance as I'll be engaged in this experiment for the next month and there's just a ton of cool stuff over there.

Also, found a new community entitled 'Verb Noire' that's interested in helping budding sci-fi/fantasy writers get published and find an audience, so that seemed worthy of mentioning as well. Kinda touched up the -Black Hole's Ledge- blog, and have spent entirely too much time at Myspace in the past week considering 9/10 people over there appear to be dead from the neck up. Screwing around a bit with CONSPIRAPORN! too, but that place is getting harder and harder to load (update) with each passing day. Going to have to figure out a new format soon, as well as a VERSION 2.0 to be released sometime this year.

What else worth mention? Working on a couple new articles and interviews, and going to do a new podcast for this coming week. I'd keep up with the podcasts more regularly, weekly or even daily, if I knew more people were listening. As things stand now 2 or 3 new episodes a month should be adequate.

Reading a bunch of new books I got at a used shop/discount retailer over the weekend including 'The Quest for the Shaman', 'The Cave of the Ancients', 'Haunted History of Louisiana' and 'The Oxford Encyclopedia of World Mythology'. Oh yeah, a few 'Star Trek' books too since for $1 dollar a piece I couldn't pass them up. Need more shelf space. I know, I'm a nerd.

4/7/2011 11:55:04 am

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