Since it seems that 'Verbal Vortex' is going to be serving as a real blog of sorts, with a few of the recent events going on in my life as well as personal thoughts and feelings (opposed to my other "blogs" which are geared more towards general INFORMATION and random strangeness)... it's necessary to update this place at least once or twice a week, so here I am! ;)

Especially nice when you've got some good news to report, which is an increasing rarity in this day and age. As admitted before, I've been an on again off again 'Star Trek' fan since I was a little kid, and recently started digesting some of the books that had been on my 'to-read-list' for quite a few years now. Besides, they were bargain items and I simply couldn't pass them up!

Thankfully I didn't pass them up because over the past 4 months I've devoured Imzadi II, the sequel to the classic, bestselling work of Trek fiction by the illustrious Peter David (first read when I was 13 years old, and again a couple years later)... and had the profound pleasure of reading The Eugenics Wars Parts I and II, To Reign In Hell, The Q Continuum and The Black Shore by one of my new favorite authors, Greg Cox.

Though I'm more of a 'Next Generation' kinda guy, and wasn't necessarily a fan of the classic character Khan Noonien Singh (a genetic superman (played by the late Ricardo Montalban) who is cryogenically frozen in the late 20th Century after instigating 'The Eugenics Wars'), I've always had interest in finding out more regarding the 'Eugenics Wars' within Trek mythology, and how this tied into the ultimate formation of The Federation and Prime Directive.

The dangerous and powerful Khan eventually awakens from suspended animation in the 23rd Century to inevitably do battle with Kirk and the original crew of the Enterprise.
'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan' remains one of the most popular films of the franchise, and a variety of entertainment polls have ranked Khan among the 'Top 50 Science Fiction Villains of all Time'.

Needless to say, Greg Cox penned a wonderful trilogy of books which brings forth an important new dimension and insight into this classicl Trek icon, and finally establishes necessary details involving the disastrous 'Eugenics Wars' of the 20th Century. I couldn't put these books down and am extremely psyched(!) to relay that Greg Cox has agreed to an interview in late April, which, fingers crossed, will be made available shortly before the release of the new 'Star Trek' film.

And of course, there is plenty more to talk to Greg about besides 'Star Trek', as he has a very cool and impressive resume of bestselling works under his belt. I'm extremely thankful for opportunities such as these and looking forward to hearing any advice he might offer for emerging writers and struggling authors.

Are you a fan?!? Got questions you'd want to ask him about Trek or his work in general? Please send them my way and I'll keep you updated!