Ever since my discussion with the CROSSROADS PARANORMAL RESEARCH GROUP a few months back, not to mention the BOOK OF THOTH, I've been seriously considering the steps one might take in order to start their own group dedicated to investigating "supernatural" phenomena. A place where it could be taken seriously, but also with tongue firmly in cheek.

Having stirred up a little further discussion with another paranormal agency from my area in recent weeks (who have all the "ghost hunting" gizmos and gadgets that go along with such on-the-scene investigations!) has only further peaked my interest in helping to found a new Internet based, International community dedicated to the storied HISTORY of parapsychology, as well as the millennium's old traditions which coincide within this illustrious area of study. Religion, mythology, and folklore would also play heavily into this new platform for the curious, and SCIENCE MINDED individuals, seeking another neutral safe-haven to compare notes and promote their research and perspective.

I've written a variety of articles on similar subjects in recent years, including the latest SANCTUM SANCTORUM PSYCHOMANTEUM! , which briefly discusses the controversial history of scrying and attempted communication with the dead. I know it's a hobby for most, but one of the things I find lacking from many of the "Paranormal Research Societies" on the Net today (of which there are literally hundreds of them) is that for the most part there is no real discussion on the long-term voyage of parapsychology -the key events and figures- but it is more focused on the "up close and personal" investigation aspect: going to supposedly haunted houses, cemeteries, insane asylums, EVP's, Tarot Reading, Astrology, etc, etc... but there is very little coverage of the ongoing legacy of psychicism and paranormal studies in general.

Needless to say I'll be giving this idea some thought in the coming weeks, so any feedback/ideas/suggestions would be both welcome & appreciated.