Greetings and Salutations,

Just been trying to keep busy with productive and creative (and fun) ventures. Posted the interview with one of my favorite authors, Greg Cox, up at the forum since I last blogged here.

Started up this new forum (work in progress) dedicated to local musicians and artists in my area as well.

And began a pretty cool new 'Dream Width' account dedicated to dreams, nightmares and everything else connected to the mysterious realms of sleep!

Oh yeah! Since we last chatted I also had one of my songs:

... played on the "local's only" show from a popular radio station in town, so that was kinda cool. Gonna try to get more airtime with them as I finish up on new material.Likewise, JUST POSTED the new 'Circling the Square' feature here at 'Verbal Vortex', so I'm excited about the possibilities of what that might evolve in to, and again I'd like to THANK all the great guests today for all their thought provoking exchange!

We're also looking forward to a much needed vacation in the next couple of weeks, to some historic CAVE STRUCTURES from my state of Indiana, so maybe there will be some awesome pictures that go along with that trip...

Guess that's about all for now, more updates to come.

Follow me on Twitter! Haha, just kidding.

Thanks for reading...